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I usually like the expertise I’m reminding others of. How many times have I put up a classroom, I have tried to remember the best way I can understand what I know. I’m hard at training. If students mistake or do nothing, I’m serious. Hardening is just for my student. Because he has time and should learn the right way. Not like classrooms that do not care, and their only purpose is to finish the titles, and the end of the work is both evidence of the whole body.

Idea Factory

Designing and producing specialized software and hardware in my own field of work Now, given the good experience I have found in these years of work, I also have great ideas that I have in my portfolio, and I can also use the new ideas with You will cooperate, provided that your idea is real, not the aspirations that you have, you can not name anything. It’s an idea, and unfortunately, the problem is a lot of time.

Specialist advice

I can have the experience and the ability to help you in my specialized fields of work, and I will help you with it. Of course, this consultation depends on your need and trust, there are currently a lot of projects and needs that are not due to lack of expert or It burns or comes into the hands of unskilled people, which eventually is either a total failure to do the job or completely go wrong and burn that project and position.



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If you have something or something you want to say …

If you read the knowledge and specialties that I have and want to do a project or assist you, you can send me through the form. Be sure to read the messages carefully and answer quickly.